Tuesday, 9 July 2013


     This first blog post will be an introduction, and thus it will include information to assist you in understanding what kind of person I am. I would start by saying I hate all upper class people. I hate them not based on the fact they have more monetary worth then myself, but instead because they are the sole cause of all the worlds troubles. They manufacture the suffering of humanity, and they do this by controlling a vast majority of people's minds the world over.

     The most important quality I see in a person is true intellectualism. What I mean by this is an individual that puts their intellectual growth to purpose for not only their own use, but for the good of human kind. I'm not referring to people like scientists that attempt to keep up a pseudo public image for merit or monetary gains. What I'm talking about are individuals that are willing to truly sacrifice much of their own life for the goal of reversing the indoctrination of mankind, and the overall ending of it. 

     When I use the word intellectual I am referring to the true form of intellectualism. The form that is dictated by that of logical thinking and logical assumptions, both of which are based on a foundation of logically conceived morality. This specific type of morality occurs through the process of discerning a problem or situation in such a way that it takes the people in the most need of such discerning thought into consideration before thinking about those that already have much more then they need. I do not believe in the flawed logic most people use which only selfishly includes the individual in question or any others that individual might stand to gain something from prior to those that logically need the thought, assistance, or direct aid. This is the only true form of logic. This is based on the fact that when someone is selfish towards another person that action, as any action, has an equal or great consequence So, logically the only true way for the world to work in a moral and fair fashion is by exhibiting treatment equal to how one treats themselves. Therefore, individuals will be treated fairly in return.

      I also enjoy the company of free thinkers, non-judgmental and open-minded individuals. People such as this give me the hope and strength I use on a daily basis to continue the only path in life I could logically discern to be the right one. One of my great passions in life is intellectual conversations, and even more so, intellectual debates. I see myself as a defender of logical morality, and based on this, any humans in need of such defense, of which there are many.

      I have a fondness for observing wild animals, but also much of nature itself. I enjoy nature documentaries. I find great enjoyment in classical music, as well as traditional oriental music. My favorite band would have to be Pink Floyd, because as far as I am aware Pink Floyd is the only band that has released the most meaningful messages in their songs. My favorite genre of video games are console styled RPGs, most notably the tales series. Although, I have enjoyed many franchises over the years, but I do not have a habitat of returning to a story I have already encountered unless I felt the story was truly special, and uplifting. I have a fondness for speaking my mind frankly. I can't help this in most cases, because I encounter so much perverse propaganda in life that I have to strike out against it whenever I can blatantly see, hear or read. I enjoy comedy of various tastes, yet I find my sense of comedy to be much more extreme then most. I find this to be the case based on the fact the world can be so sick and twisted at times, if you did not laugh at it in many cases you could easily run the risk of going insane. I deplore mainstream comedy, because it is an indoctrination tool in most cases, and I prefer to produce my own breed of comedy regardless of whether of not it can be vulgar or simple at times. I believe being true to yourself, and to what your laughing at a must with comedy.

     When I am not playing games with people, or conversing with other intellectuals, free thinkers, non-judgmental, or open-minded individuals, I tend to be a very serious person. I have many goals in life, but I plan to devote most of my life to the advancement of true human intellectualism, and I am prepared to do anything to achieve this. 

     If you are interested in an intellectual conversation or debate feel free to add me on Steam by the same alias I go by on this blog, it is always refreshing to meet truly meaningful people.